Characterised by an ambitious and contemporary approach, the design of Nikari furniture is deeply rooted in the Nordic tradition. Restrained and serene, the design respects the essence of wood. Nikari furniture fits naturally into interiors from various periods.

We design and develop our own collection continuously. In addition, we are actively engaged in various furnishing projects in Finland and overseas. Our designers and cabinet makers are often invited to participate in advisory boards of demanding product development and wood architecture projects. More information on consulting services:

Nikari collection includes products by the following designers:

Alvar Aalto, Finland
Mikhail Barashkov, Russia
Louise Campbell, Denmark
Mårten Claesson, Sweden
Björn Dahlström, Sweden
Martí Guixé, Spain
Antrei Hartikainen, Finland
Simo Heikkilä, Finland
Alfredo Häberli, Switzerland
Eero Koivisto, Sweden
Harri Koskinen, Finland
Yrjö Kukkapuro, Finland
Wataru Kumano, Japan
Salla Luhtasela, Finland
Cecilie Manz, Denmark
Laura Mattila, Finland
Antto Melasniemi, Finland
Mikko Merz, Finland/Switzerland
Rudi Merz, Finland/Switzerland
Jasper Morrison, Great Britain
Samuli Naamanka, Finland
Tomoshi Nagano, Japan
Johan Olin, Finland
Jenni Roininen, Finland
Ola Rune, Sweden
Mikko Paakkanen, Finland
Thomas Sandell, Sweden
Aamu Song, Korea
Nao Tamura, Japan/US
Wesley Walters, US/Finland
Kari Virtanen, Finland