All our furniture products are meant for indoor use. Only ARKIPELAGO terrace series is suitable to use outside. The sauna stools are the only products to be used in shower or sauna areas. The other pieces of furniture will be harmed by humidity and/or climate changes. The collections might vary according to different seasons. We use birch, oak and ash as our main wood species. Some product models are only made in series once every year.

We use natural tanned leather as our standard leather option. They develop a beautiful patina during the years in use. Like all leathers without extra treatment, grease, fat and exposure to light will darken the surface. Ask for the fabric options:

Our surface treatment options are natural wood oil-wax mixture or water-based lacquer. The surface treated with oil-wax mixture can be treated frequently, and we recommend the re-treatment every second year. The surface should be wiped clean and dry of any liquids with a damp cloth using organic soaps.

Water-based lacquer keeps the surface protected of liquids and dirt. It is recommended to wipe it clean and dry quickly with a damp cloth. In case the surface is damaged, it needs a proper sanding and re-treatment for the whole surface.