This year we tell a bit about the different Nikari product series. This month it is time to show the ARTE collection. It actually includes our oldest product, one of the very first ones Nikari has ever produced in the 1960's: the ARTE Alvar tray by Alvar Aalto.

The name of the collection, "ARTE", already suggests that we have collected rare - and a bit special - pieces into it. The collection includes products designed by Com-pa-ny, Klaus Haapaniemi & Jenni Roininen, Rudi Merz, Kari Virtanen as well as Claesson Koivisto Rune.

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Image: Studio Chikako Harada


Fiskars Village

Nikari head office-studio-workshop is located in the oldest machinery workshop of Finland in beautiful, idyllic Fiskars Village. The village was founded in 1649 and nowadays represents a unique Finnish centre of arts, design and craftsmanship. The shops and restaurants of the village are open throughout the year inviting visitors from all over the world.

More info: www.fiskarsvillage.fi