Nikari is already 50 years old. The past decades have been full of stories, great craftsmanship and design.

We have always been eager to teach young cabinetmakers. Our workshop has hosted numerous journeymen and apprentices - and the company founder Kari Virtanen with his colleague Rudi Merz have been avidly tutoring next generations throughout the last decades.

Therefore we wanted to celebrate this 50th anniversary year by making a book that would tell about the Nikari way of working, but also explain the good old Nordic cabinetmaking traditions that are still used by us and many others here in Northern Europe.

Image: A caption of the book cover


Fiskars Village

Nikari head office-studio-workshop is located in the oldest machinery workshop of Finland in beautiful, idyllic Fiskars Village. The village was founded in 1649 and nowadays represents a unique Finnish centre of arts, design and craftsmanship. The shops and restaurants of the village are open throughout the year inviting visitors from all over the world.

More info: www.fiskarsvillage.fi