Hotel redesign à la Nikari

Hotel redesign à la Nikari

How would you like the sound of a retreat on the shores of Lake Saimaa, surrounded by natural materials? You can now stay at Hotel Lappee in Lappeenranta in a calming atmosphere created by the wooden furniture of Nikari.

Hotel Lappee is located in the centre of Lappeenranta, on the upper floor of a shopping centre, with a concrete façade that is coloured by the advertising signs of the centre’s various shops. From the outside of the building, you may not guess that inside the hotel you will find a real Scandinavian harmony, with rooms that are decorated in natural materials, now featuring various Nikari and Woodnotes products.

The light-coloured rooms include several beloved products by Nikari, from Akademia and December chairs to custom versions of the Detalji bench, designed specifically for the hotel.

Natural materials continue on all the surfaces of the rooms, as the walls feature paper yarn fabric and minimalist carpets by Woodnotes.

“Nikari furniture creates a harmonious atmosphere, because you can sense the spirit of the wood in each piece.” — Johanna Vuorio

According to CEO of Nikari and Woodnotes Johanna Vuorio, the Lappee project was exceptionally thorough and, for the first time, Woodnotes and Nikari products had a chance to live side by side on such a large scale in Finland — about 150 rooms in total were redesigned. Vuorio was pleased to see how the designer of the project understood the potential of both brands, specifically in theor application to public spaces.

Sustainably manufactured Nikari products are designed to withstand heavy use in public spaces. Although Nikari products are mainly produced in series, each chair and stool remains a one-of-a-kind object, with its own unique wood grain and coloring.

“Nikari furniture creates a harmonious atmosphere, because you can sense the spirit of the wood in each piece,” says Vuorio.

A fundamental respect for natural materials is at the core of both Woodnotes and Nikari. In the case of Hotel Lappee, Nikari’s and Woodnotes’ natural products bring a warmth and calming atmosphere to its concrete facade, a welcoming atmosphere that is a central feature of all good hotels.