John Pawson designs a new Frame Low coffee table for Nikari

John Pawson designs a new Frame Low coffee table for Nikari

We are delighted to introduce the latest addition to our collection at the 3 Days of Design festival in Copenhagen, the FRAME LOW coffee table, meticulously designed by British architect and designer John Pawson.

Pawson’s guiding principle for the FRAME LOW table is an “absolute clarity” of form, proportion, and production that has defined his designs throughout his career. While the FRAME series dining and conference tables already showcased this clarity, the FRAME LOW takes this pursuit of purity even further, with a form that evokes natural phenomena all around us — from wind and light to the very air we breathe.

“The visual lightness of the table is both simple and poetic,” Pawson remarks.

The Essence of Material: Ash and Oak

Stripped of all excess, the FRAME LOW directs our attention to its material — the living surface of the wood itself. Crafted from ash and oak, each table is a unique object, reflecting the individuality of the tree it came from. The subtle surface patterns reveal the tree’s life story, shaped by its environment and growth over time.

The soul of the tree truly emerges in the FRAME LOW. Its simplified form highlights both its material and the expert craftsmanship required to make it, from handmade joints to meticulously sanded surfaces and seamless adjoining pieces.

Nikari, renowned for its high-quality carpentry, produces each piece in Fiskars village, located in southern Finland. Every FRAME LOW table passes through the hands of Nikari’s skilled carpenters, whose human touch infuses each table with a sense of presence, calmness and sophistication.

“The thinking that shapes the Frame series derives from a desire to achieve absolute clarity – of form, proportion and construction language. The latest expression of this quest, the low table combines economy of means with a condition of visual lightness that is both simple and poetic.” — John Pawson

Three versions of FRAME LOW

The FRAME LOW table comes in three versions, which can function equally well as coffee table, side table or sofa table:

• Without Shelf: Ideal for minimalists who appreciate simplicity.
• Half Shelf: An intriguing detail that enhances the table’s unique design.
• Full Shelf: Practical and versatile, offering additional storage space.

Create a serene and sophisticated living space with the FRAME LOW coffee table — a testament to clarity, craftsmanship, and timeless design.

Visit us at the 3 Days of Design festival in Copenhagen to explore the different FRAME LOW versions first-hand. While you’re there, don’t miss Nikari’s other new products, the Archetyp Lobby and Archetyp Lounge chairs, designed by Jasper Morrison, which are a perfect complement to the FRAME LOW coffee table; Jonas Forsman’s Faneeri folding chair; and, the taller version of Wesley Walters’ and Salla Luhtasela’s Akademia chair that are also an excellent choice for bar kitchens. See you in Copenhagen!