Together, naturally

Together, naturally

Nikari and Woodnotes will join forces continuing as separate brands and companies, yet merging some parts of organisations and operations. The founder of Woodnotes, Mikko Puotila will leave his position as CEO, continuing as the chairman of the board, and actively engaging in different development projects. Nikari’s Johanna Vuorio will work as CEO for both companies.

Nikari and Woodnotes share mutual values. Founded in 1987 by textile artist Ritva Puotila with his son Mikko Puotila, Woodnotes’ main products are paper yarn carpets and other interior items. Woodnotes’ history is woven with paper yarn to a knit representing uncompromising quality and harmonious Finnish design that stands time. As well as Nikari, Woodnotes counts on craftsmanship, material knowhow, and creativity that generate beautiful solutions to both private and public spaces. Nikari’s and Woodnotes’ core materials are sourced from the same lush woods that surround us.

“It is wonderful to get to develop this beautiful and honest story further. Respect for the origins of furniture and natural materials is important to me. I believe in authenticity, honesty, and quality – the meaning of these values has only increased in today’s unreliable world”, says Johanna Vuorio.

The liaison of Nikari and Woodnotes will create new kinds of possibilities of being able to answer inquiries with bigger and more finished entireties. “Our experiences from past collaborations have been excellent: the designs of both brands draw inspiration of art, architecture, and craftsmanship – and they work brilliantly together, complementing one another“, Puotila explains.


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